BurningAngel: Hard Anal Rocking Krysta Kaos

This hot new Burning Angel scene featuring AltPorn favorite Krysta Kaos starts off with a sexy little interview style interaction between Krysta and I think Joanna Angel, from behind the camera. She’s asked about how long it’s been since she’s had something big in her ass and how she wants to be fucked, nice or dirty and hard. Krysta Kaos smiles and says she wants to be treated like a whore. Then she’s told to lay on the bed, face down, ass up and spread her sweet ass open. Then she fingers her butthole deep with her wet tattooed fingers. She’s made to beg the camera for a big cock in her ass, pretty please with a cherry on top. This scene is hot before Eric Everhard even shows up! And, once he does, wow, all I can say is I LOVE the faces Krysta Kaos makes when she’s getting her ass stretched wide and pounded full of cock. The bed squeeking and banging the pink wall with her name scrawled all over it and she’s making the hottest noises, but I also have to say I really liked the part of the scene where Erik was eating her pussy. Krysta Kaos looks so hot wrything in bliss, with her long legs wrapped around his head. Navigation is a little weird on this, as there is no link from the video to the photos, but if you look around, you can find them both.

BurningAngel: Hard Rocking Krysta Kaos Anal
Burning Angel writes:

I painted a big mural of Krysta Kaos’s name on the wall because A) nobody should ever forget about Krysta Kaos, and 2) because it was her special day on set: to get her sweet, small, round ass rocked by Erik Everhard for our movie Rock and Roll In My Butthole 3! She crawled on the bed and writhed around in her vintage lingerie, showing off and fingering her pretty asshole and pussy. I made her beg and say please for a nice big cock in her ass… and I gave it to her!

BurningAngel: Hard Rocking Krysta Kaos Anal

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