DirtyDiablos: Ready For Mile High Club with Tiana Cin

Tiana Cin over at DirtyDiablos has a new set, and it definitely makes me want to fly. Or fly with her. I’m sure the that paint job on the plane with the decals and all looks great, but it’s extremely hard to pay attention to that when you have this gorgeous hottie taking it all off in front of it. With bright red lipstick, white stockings on that smooth tan skin, Tiana looks like a modern day pinup girl…but far less conservative! After many seductive and teasing looks that Tiana gives the camera, the clothes start coming off and the shoot really starts to heat up. Covering up her breasts with her hands has you yelling at your screen to move them out of the way. Don’t worry though, she quickly shows those awesome tits off. Halfway through this set you’ll be asking yourself, “what plane?” The awesome part about this shoot is that as a bonus, you can watch a behind-the-scenes video of Tiana teasing viewers with that phenomenal ass, posing in front of luxury cars and planes. Nothing but pure sexiness and seduction in this amazing update from Tiana Cin.

Take a peek at the the behind the scenes video and sample picture gallery

DirtyDiablos Ready For Mile High Club with Tiana Cin
Dirty Diablos writes:

Tiana Cin: Behind the Scenes Vintage Plane Photo Shoot Tattoo Devil: Tiana Cin
Tiana Cin is one of the sexiest alt models we have ever seen. Part Asian, this Chicago native has some great ink work on her body and we were excited to expose it on film. We flew her in to do a photo shoot in front of, and on, a Rolls Royce, Porsche, and a Vintage plane. Watch as we show you the behind the scenes footage of this photo shoot. Tiana poses on each one of the cars showing off her awesome body. We guarantee you’ll enjoy this tattooed alt model shot in a retro “pin-up” style!

DirtyDiablos Ready For Mile High Club with Tiana Cin

DirtyDiablos Ready For Mile High Club with Tiana Cin

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