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GodsGirls: Momoko Rocks the Plaid

Over on GodsGirls, Momoko is looking good in front of plaid. It’s no longer a pattern for kilts, nope, hot women have officially adopted it. She’s done a great job of picking a background for this photoshoot, and matching her bikini and dark eyeshadow to it. I love this fresh-faced look she’s wearing, and her fierce sunglasses. Some of these shots look like they’re from a Burberry advertisement, but with naked women! Don’t you love how she touches her pussy with a gloved hand, because I do. Momoko does a full range of “looks” in this gallery, from shy and calm to wild and crazy. She’s got a great face, and of course, I love her perfect boobs. I could slide on my own pair of gloves and give this a girl a hand anytime..anywhere. This is a great set, and one, surprisingly, sent in by Momoko herself to GodsGirls!

GodsGirls: Momoko Rocks the Plaid
GodsGirls writes:
I have been described as deer-like and strange (only a few levels above crazy).

GodsGirls: Momoko Rocks the Plaid
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