BarelyEvil: Annika Amour and a Fucking Jamisons Bottle

APN favorite Annika Amour goes a little 20’s era flapper in this wicked hot underground bar room series from BlueBlood’s BarelyEvil. I really like her black lingerie and long black silk opera gloves, matching well with her vintage black beaded bra. She’s got her sharp jet black eyeliner showing off her wicked intentions. BarelyEvil really is the best AltPorn site for crazy insertions too, and Annika lives up to the standard, climbing up onto the bar and fucking her hot wet pussy with a huge bottle of Jamisons. I LOVE the hot close-ups of her delicious pink labia wrapped around the thick green glass bottle as she works it in deeper and the super sexy expressions she makes while she’s doing it too. I just want to grab a seat at that bar and wrap thole long gorgeous legs around my face.

BarelyEvil Annika Amour and a Fucking Jamisons Bottle
Blue Blood’s BarelyEvil writes:

This particular set was shot at the home of some friends, shortly after they had had quite a Saturday night party. Hence the GIGANTIC empty bottle of Jamesons waiting by their bar for recycling. Annika Amour recently observed that every time she, Forrest Black, and I go to one of my friends’ houses, I want her to put something of theirs inside her. This was actually on a different occasion from this one, so, yeah, stay tuned for more. Forrest and I enjoyed shooting this insanely hot set of Annika. She is always a pleasure and that liquor bottle is seriously HUGE.
–Amelia G

BarelyEvil Annika Amour and a Fucking Jamisons Bottle

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