EroticFandom: Adventurous Cosplay with Annalee Belle

Beautiful hot pink haired Annalee Belle plays the part of fantasy warrior babe in this hot and stylish update from Blue Blood’s Erotic Fandom site. She looks like she belongs in the World of Warcraft, but those super sexy see-through pants are not exactly regulation. I love how you can see all her colorful playful tattoos right through her otherwise character appropriate pants, and the chain-mail accessories complete the look nicely. Not sure where they found that mace, but it looks like it’s seen a battle or two already. Defending that treasured ass no doubt. Annalee Belle is a real babe and it’s great to see her having fun and doing some hot Cosplay. Don’t forget that EroticFandom now accepts BitCoin payments too.

EroticFandom Adventurous Cosplay with Annalee Belle
Erotic Fandom writes:

True story: A long time ago, I worked at the Maryland RenFaire. A pony named Penny broke my toe. I guess the Faire people didn’t do whatever you have to do for workmen’s comp and I was a broke young punk rocker, so I just taped it up with masking tape for a few weeks. The pony was technically named Penny, but we called her WidowMaker.

Anyway, here is a sensual series of the lovely Annalee Belle showing off her renfaire style garb. I’m going to see if Annalee Belle recalls where she got the lovely chainmail hair decoration and update with that info, if I find out.

EroticFandom Adventurous Cosplay with Annalee Belle

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