BurningAngel: New Site Layout Launch and Cutie Severin

BurningAngel New Site Layout
BurningAngel has just launched a big redesign for their entire site system, including fancy responsive page layout, new improved video delivery, and several other sexy new features for their members. They have also introduced a new trial price, so now is a good time to go check out what they have going on. The new design is reminiscent of their older layout, so it’s not wholly unfamiliar, but there are lots of new functions to get used to and enjoy. For this site transition, the Burning Angel crew teamed up with the talented program that brings you such fun sites as Anal Acrobats (my favorite), Milk Enema, and Gaping Angels (no relation?). In the transition, Burning Angel has also closed down their ‘network’ front ends POV Punx, Heavy Metal Pussy Party, Big Boobs Are Cool, Fuck Me In The Bathroom, Cum On My Tattoo, etc. although all the content has always been available on BurningAngel anyway. Joanna Angel‘s separate award winning solo site has also been transitioned to the new system, with a whole new layout as well.

The membership price has gone up a bit, from about $20 to $29.95 a month, but they now offer some sort of ‘restricted/limited member area’ 3 day trial access for just $2.95. And really, nobody makes AltPorn like BurningAngel, so if you like their stuff (and we do!) it’s probably worth it. Also, year long memberships are available at just $95.40 which saves you a huge #264.00 from the monthly recurring price.

BurningAngel does still have a ‘pardon our dust’ notice up, as they transition the last bits of their content over from the older system and work out a few of the kinks on their new functionality, but on the overall the site looks really good. Fans of their video will love the new video section and pages, which offer lots of ways to sort and browse their video library, by most recent, highest rated, most popular, and even highlights up-cumming updates. Each video can be played at a variety of size and quality specs, including different mobile formats, and there are a number of different options for downloading the videos as well. They even removed that horrible screaming intro that used to run on every BurningAngel video that used to be the bane of anyone who accidentally left their speakers on. The videos look great too!

The photo layout area still needs some work though, which is a shame since AltPorn photos tend to be our favorite thing. The new photo viewer does have several fancy new features, including different sorts of zoom, huge original photos (1280×1920!), and the option for a full screen viewer. The full screen will be pretty much a requirement for photo fans, since the regular screen option runs the thumbnails in a row under the actual pictures and can’t be turned off on it’s own. So, even on my 1980×1020 monitor, the larges size I can see a whole vertical picture is 447×661. Fortunately, in full screen mode, I can view the same pic at 639×967 pixels, which looks really nice. There also isn’t currently any listing of who the girl is, who the photographer is, what the description of the set is, but there is a convenient link to the matching video, when available. You can sort the photo sets by most recent, most viewed, and top rated, which is a bit confusing since there doesn’t seem to be any way to actually rate the pictures or sets that I can find anywhere in the interface. You can also use a dropdown list to sort by star name and/or category, which includes things like POV, outdoor, toys, squirting, anal, etc.

We’ll talk more about their other assorted fun features in future updates, but I wanted to take a moment to mention just how hot I think this new update of sexy Severin is. It’s just a simple bedroom layout, but I love her cute expressions and there are some tasty poses showing off her adorable pixie body and colorful ink. You really should stop by BurningAngel and see what they have going on. There is a LOT to look at!

BurningAngel New Site Layout Launch and Cutie Severin
Burning Angel writes:

We love Severin. She’s covered in beautiful tattoos and is absolutely gorgeous and cute as a button at the same time. She decided she was tired of wearing her wifebeater and short little skirt, so she crawled onto the bed, stripped down to her studded belt and high heel shoes, and spread her juicy ass and pussy for all to enjoy!

BurningAngel New Site Layout Launch and Cutie Severin

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