Diablos-Inked: Fucking Bonnie Rotten in the Garage

Who would’ve thought zombies could be sexy? But that’s the case with Bonnie Rotten in this update from Diablos Inkd. Bonnie‘s in the garage with Al-B and she’s got the smallest black panties ever, jewelry silver heels. What a combination for fucking. Bonnie‘s tattoos are all themed towards the macabre, with zombies, dead people, etc. I’m really into that spiderweb nipple tattoo – pretty innovative! One even says “dead girls don’t cry,” and sure they don’t, Bonnie, but hot girls (like you) fuck, right? Her ass is spread wide to see if she’s ready for him, and she sure is. Soon she’s taking his dick in her mouth as she plays with herself. While he’s thrusting himself in her repeatedly, she is loving every minute of it. He finishes off the fucking session all over her face, like the sport she is.

Diablos-Inked Fucking Bonnie Rotten in the Garage
Dirty Diablos writes:

Sanchez sits Bonnie down and asks her about the drive and her past. After she explains Sanchez quickly introduces her to Al-B and his cock. This hot tattooed 18 year old quickly goes to work on his dick making it nice and wet to shove inside her pussy. Bonnies the kind of girl you can tell loves to fuck by the way she moans as he thrusts his dick inside of her. As Al-B feels like he has abused her enough he then shoves her down onto her knees and sprays her down with a big fat load. Come see more at Ink’d Diablos!

Diablos-Inked Fucking Bonnie Rotten in the Garage

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