GeekGirlsOnline: Leila Hazlett in Hot Red Satin

Leila Hazlett‘s wearing a red satin teddy and underwear for this sexy GeekGirlsOnline gallery update. A band once sang about nights in white satin, but if they had laid eyes on this girl, the song would’ve gone much differently. Leila‘s performing a long striptease dance for us in these 95 images but it’s well worth the wait. Red is definitely this girl’s color because the outfit pairs so well with red hair and porcelain skin. That said, I’m ready to see it off. Good things come to wait, it’s true, because when she finally has her clothes off, damn! This girl’s body glows under the camera’s gaze and minimal light. She’s like a kinkier Snow White. Great abs, beautiful face, sweet pussy! I love how the gallery ends with her back to the camera, wing tattoo displayed, looking like an ethereal angel. This new GeekGirlsOnline update has 95 images, so get ready to want to spend a night in red satin.

GeekGirlsOnline  Leila Hazlett in Hot Red Satin
GeekGirlsOnline writes:

Leila Hazlett: Red Satin

GeekGirlsOnline  Leila Hazlett in Hot Red Satin

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