TheAriDee: Ari Dee Hot Hotel Room Selfies

Ari Dee found a quick break during Comic Con to show off her body, so she whipped out her iPhone shooting selfie shots of her glorious tits. Ahh, technology. Ari is wearing the cutest black and white lace bra and cross, plus black yellow-trimmed bottoms. But not for long! She’s taking them off, and soon the only decoration on her breasts is her beautiful long hair. She’s like a new modern Venus on the Halfshell, only she’s showing us her full bush. I’m not complaining! I can’t believe Ari Dee’s website is only a few months old, because it already has over 1000 HD images and 13 full videos. I love the site because of the range of her photo shoots. From Pulp Fiction girl to pigtailed cutie, Ari Dee’s galleries have great creativity. Her face is so expressive and one taste is not enough of this girl. A hot girl who loves comics, video games, and taking her clothes off? Sign me up! I can’t wait to see what else is to come.

TheAriDee: Ari Dee Hot Hotel Room Selfies
Ari Dee writes:

I’m alone in my San Diego hotel after ComicCon and I found a giant mirror to pose in. So I decide to take a sexy set on my iPhone for you.

TheAriDee Ari Dee Hot Hotel Room Selfies

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