DirtyDiablos: By Land or Sea Christy Mack Attack

In this recent DirtyDiablos update, super hot tattooed pornstar Christy Mack looks like she’s all ready to set sail on the high seas on a gorgeous day on the water. She’s hopped aboard a floating ship and quickly takes over as captain baring her breasts on the front of the boat. I love her clingy bikini bottoms and I want to join her at the captain’s table as she shows her hot pussy to us. She makes her way to the front of the boat, showing off her tight body to all passing by. Christy Mack helps herself to the captain’s dick and he wakes up, fucking her all over the boat, from the rear to the front. He gives us a glimpse of her tight ass, pulling apart her cheeks, and we see her awesome ship tattoo. I want to climb aboard! Christy Mack finishes her voyage with the captain’s cum on her lovely face. HD video and high quality photos available for viewing and downloading at DirtyDiablos.

DirtyDiablos By Land or Sea Christy Mack Attack
Dirty Diablos writes:

It’s a nice sunny fuckin’ day in South Florida and we feel the need to hit the water, so we pack up the boats and get the sexy, tattooed, porno superstar Christy Mack to come with us. Christy jumps onto one of the jet skies we brought with us and goes on the hunt for some cock. She encounters another boat that is just anchored in the middle of the water. She notices some dude that looks passed-out on the boat’s deck and decides to be a little mischievous. Christy jumps off the ski and onto the boat. She climbs up the ladder and finds the dude, who turns out to be the captain, and is definitely passed out. Christy quickly goes on the attack dropping to her knees and throat fucks herself with his massive cock. He quickly wakes up and starts slapping her with his cock. Christy Mack loves the dick slapping and sticks out her tongue for him. After a healthy oral dose of cock meat, he picks Christy up and starts to fuck her on the boat deck in plain sight of the boats passing by them.

DirtyDiablos By Land or Sea Christy Mack Attack

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