CrazyBabe: Dangerous Chiva at the CrazyBabe Mansion NYC

This recent CrazyBabe set is deliciously macabre with its haunted mansion-esque location. The purple wallpaper and gold-toned staircase really make it seem like a sexy nightmare or party. Where’s my invitation? Chiva‘s full red lips are fixed in a perfect pout as she ascends the stairs and tosses off her shirt. Her legs seem to go on forever in those hot patterned crotchless tights, giving us a perfect view of her pussy. If this is a party, what a favor. Chiva‘s hair is lit beautifully with deep purples as she shows us how much fun she can have with a gem-encrusted knife. She looks gorgeous in this light with her bright smile, especially up against the deep pink curtains. When she held the knife up to her pussy, I almost fell out of my chair. Be sure you don’t cut yourself too hard, dear Chiva, that’s precious goods, honey. Forget Hugh’s mansion, can I come there?

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CrazyBabe Dangerous Chiva at the CrazyBabe Mansion NYC
CrazyBabe writes:

CrAZyBaBE: Chiva
Shot at the CrAZyBaBe Mansion in NYC
285 Pics of Chiva in this feature

CrazyBabe Dangerous Chiva at the CrazyBabe Mansion NYC

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