BurningAngel: Sexy Shower Plugged Rizzo Ford

Dirty girls, they are one of the greatest things that can happen in this world and Rizzo Ford looks amazing in this wet BurningAngel update, as she shows off her dirty girl skills in the shower. The set, shot by Steve Prue at a sexy hotel room party at EXXXotica Chicago, starts out well enough with her posing in a wife beater and standing under the shower but as soon as she turns around and spreads her cheeks we get to see her naughty side. The jeweled head of a butt plug peeking out from between her nice round ass cheeks as she poses and plays in the shower showing off her tight little pussy and her perky tits, the whole time keeping the plug buried deep inside her gorgeous little asshole. This dirty girl won’t get clean in this shower at least not alone, don’t worry though I am more than willing to help scrub her down.

BurningAngel Sexy Shower Plugged Rizzo Ford
Burning Angel writes:

Some people like to get clean in the shower and some people, like Rizzo, like being dirty in the shower. She could scrub herself all day long but she’ll always be a dirty girl, and that’s why we love her! And since we know how much you all love wet wifebeaters – she wore one in the shower, got it nice and soaked, and then stripped it off to get even dirtier!
Starring: Rizzo Ford
Photographer: Steve Prue

BurningAngel Sexy Shower Plugged Rizzo Ford

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