EroticFandom: Blue Haired Babes in Black Metal Armor

Blue Blood’s Erotic Fandom site just added this sexy fantasy series of alt-babes Darenzia and Scar ready for battle in their shiny black steel armor and gleaming sharp swords. I love their cool creative fantasy makeup and the spider web Gothic details in the armor. Plus, they don’t take themselves too seriously in this set. There are lots of shots of them goofing around and having fun, along with some really pretty fantasy calendar ready photos too. Plus, these girls look amazing when some of the armor comes off too. Darenzia looks like an Amazon Dominatrix and once Scar submits to her sword and strips, we get to see that she has one of the best looking shaved pussies I’ve ever seen. I’d battle dragons for that treasure too.

Scar 13 and Darenzia Spiderweb Armor
Erotic Fandom writes:

Black armor with spiderwebs. Darenzia and Scar with matching blue hair and makeup. Makeup by Scar. Armor by Tony Swatton. Swords. Also, armor with spiderwebs. Yeah, I said “black armor with spiderwebs: twice; I like black armor with spiderwebs. Revelers at the Folsom Street Fair got to see a few shots from this series, but, as always, Blue Blood VIP members get to see it all.
–Amelia G

Scar 13 and Darenzia Spiderweb Armor

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