BurningAngel: Kleio Wildcard Free Cam Show Now

It is no secret that we love Kleio here at APN. Tonight, BurningAngel members are in for a special treat of a long one hour cam show. Kleio‘s special performance tonight is free to all BurningAngel members. BurningAngel has been ramping up the frequency of their cam shows, making a membership an even better deal than it already was. More videos than any other alt site and now including free cam shows with your membership. Kleio is online right now.

BurningAngel: Kleio Wildcard Free Cam Show Now
Burning Angel writes:

There will be LIVE WEBCAM* SHOWS in the BurningAngel Chat Room with a special hot and sexily dressed (or UNDRESSED) BurningAngel girl…every week!

Keep checking our EVENTS SECTION to see who’s on the schedule for a live show and what she’ll be doing…HERE’s…
Theme: Wild Card (it’s a surprise…)!
Thursday, June 14th
11 PM EST or 8 PM PST (show lasts about an hour)

To join in on the conversation, all you need to do is:

1. Be a MEMBER of BurningAngel! If you’re not but wanna be, you can JOIN HERE!

2. Go into our CHAT room by clicking on the “CHAT” tab above.

*YOU DO NOT NEED A WEBCAM TO PARTICIPATE…but if you have one, feel free to turn it on!

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