BarelyEvil: Angel Beau Getting Sexy In Sunshine

With a cool laid back attitude Alt babe Angel Beau relaxes in the sunshine. Watch as she strips down and allows the sun to kiss every part of her stunning inky body. This will make you feel warm and fuzzy!! Towards the end she gets naughty with money and why? Because the world revolves around that too and why not! Barely Evil babes indeed can survive in sunlight, just when you thought you were safe from their sexual powers… mwahahaha!

BarelyEvil Angel Beau
Blue Blood’s BarelyEvil writes:

I know it isn’t beautiful lazy afternoon days in a lot of the world right now, but the sun in shining in Los Angeles. Brett Nelson shoots the sexy Angel Beau in lovely natural light.
–Amelia G

BarelyEvil Angel Beau

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