GodsGirls: Minnie Scarlet Babydoll

Minnie Scarlet has made quite an impact in her time at GodsGirls, and it’s not hard to see why. She calls herself a very little girl and a huge presence, not to mention a tarantula wrangler, and in her newest set, she’s all wrapped up in a sheer-and-lace babydoll that hugs her tiny curves.

This set is very playful and intimate, and Minnie‘s expressions set the mood. Coy smiles and sensual stares, her dark eyes seem to stare into yours as she slowly starts undressing. The plain white bed sheets make a perfectly simplistic setting for her dark hair and tan skin as the hot pink babydoll falls away. Minnie poses with confidence, and still looks sweet and innocent in every photo. With perky pierced nipples and subtle, interesting tattoos, the landscape of this vixen’s body is a pleasure to explore.

GodsGirls Minnie Babydoll
GodsGirls writes:

‘A beautiful simple set, she looks so lovely with that hair cut.’ -GodsGirls member noisome

GodsGirls Minnie Babydoll

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