GodsGirls: Kory's Closet Playtime

Feminist, atheist and pansexual/queer, Kory Minx says she’s here to change the paradigm of porn. With eight hot sets live on GodsGirls after less than a year, she’s certainly qualified. In her newest photos, which bear the tantalizing “Hardcore Stuff Here” warning, she shows off a few more of her qualifications.

Kory appears in a yellow cardigan, striped thigh high socks, and nothing else, with her hair dripping wet. From there it only gets better as this sexy vixen draws you in with breathtaking facial expressions. She licks her lips and sucks her fingers, leaving us begging for more. When she slips to the floor and finds her metallic pink dildo, the show can really begin. Kory‘s face is to die for as she works herself into a frenzy with cold metal and her soft fingers. The intimacy and rampant sexuality make this set an experience that wont soon be forgotten.

GodsGirls Kory
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GodsGirls: Kory’s Closet Playtime

GodsGirls Kory

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