GothicSluts: Sierras Is Sexual In Pinstripes

Gothic vixen Sierras is back on BlueBlood’s GothicSluts site, but looking a little more pretty and girlie than usual this time. She’s pulls this look off amazingly and her skin is so pale and flawless. She doesn’t get all feisty or explicitly naked but I really did get turned on by seeing a different side to Sierra. It’s always good to be versatile in this industry, however some of the images were shot in the same angle and pose I felt. This is a fantastic effort at something new and I’m looking forward to seeing what else Sierras and Blue Blood have in store for us.

GothicSluts Sierras Is Sexual In Pinstripes
Blue Blood’s Gothic Sluts writes:

Sierras’ outfit might be a little too little to count as gangster,
but my gangster fetish means I love all pinstripes.
–Amelia G

GothicSluts Sierras Is Sexual In Pinstripes

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