GodsGirls: Artemis and Nettle Tea

Calling herself “a witch, nude model and part time cook,” Artemis‘ unique personality shows through in her style, her tattoos, and even in the house these photos were taken in. A pale, thin girl with long dreads and naturally unshaven armpits and pubic hair, Artemis invites us in for a cup of nettle tea. She undresses as she brews, each photo better than the one before. This set was greatly anticipated, and it’s been well worth the wait.

With soft smiles and innocent expressions, she sips her tea and strips away her cute, sheer lingerie, showing hard, dark nipples. The combination of great angles and lighting and a beautiful model come together into a set that pushes the lines of art and porn. This is a girl I cant wait to see more of.

Artemis GodsGirls
GodsGirls writes:

A most anticipated first set and it was just as great as i had expected. Love the back drop and lighting, everything in the room works well together and just enhances you in the middle. You of course are stunning, as said before you have such a simple look but carry it beautifully. For a first set, I couldn’t think of anything to improve on. Well done! -GodsGirls member noismx

Artemis GodsGirls

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