BurningAngel: Larkin and Tommy soil Goody Two-shoe's Sheets!

Want to bring a prude down a few levels? Well get in touch with Larkin Love and Tommy Pistol, they’ll defile clean sheets, fuck all nasty like and maybe let you watch. Jessie Lee has had it with her dorm room buddy, Larkin and Tommy take this chance to fuck madly and make a mess on the evil dorm buddy’s bed. The only thing that tastes better than a cunt is being one, there’s plenty of juicy cunt action here. Great sucking scenes and some very interesting sex faces by Larkin Love.

BurningAngel Larkin Love Tommy Pistol
Burning Angel writes:

When Larkin Love and Tommy Pistol went to Jessie Lee‘s dorm room, they had no idea SHE was the one with the weird prude roommate! Upon realizing this, Jessie suggested they fuck on her shitty roomie’s bed – real nasty – so they could all laugh about it later. Didn’t take much convincing; Tommy was ready to dig into Larkin‘s tits and Larkin was ready to squirt all over that goodie two-shoes’ sheets!

BurningAngel Larkin Love Tommy Pistol

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