GothicSluts: Sweetheart Judy Smile

How adorable is Judy Smile!! She has a very soft, romantic, and enchanting presence in front of the cam. Those legs are just perfect to show off sexy fishnets! Judy Smile subtly strips down and arches that well toned back to raise her delicious arse at us and show off her goods. Perhaps not “slutty” enough for Gothic Sluts you say? well take a closer look of those well manicured nails, something tells me this kitten can get feisty!! But here she’s so darn cute, I just want to carry her around in my pocket or chain her up in my room. Either way is a winner!

GothicSluts Sweetheart Judy Smile
Blue Blood’s Gothic Sluts writes:

Hurrah for fishnets! Judy Smile, lensed by Brett Nelson for your viewing pleasure. In fishnets.
–Amelia G

GothicSluts Sweetheart Judy Smile

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