BurningAngel: Kelly Chaos in the Kitchen

I was so happy to see this new set of Kelly Chaos on Burning Angel. Why? Because it combines two of my favorite things, hot modified girls and a huge knife! There is just something so sexy about a powerful looking woman playing and teasing with a knife. And Kelly has some really sexy ink and piercings, I especially like the bows tattooed on her beautiful natural boobs. It’s also nice to see a black and white set for a change. I have always been partial to black and white erotic photos, it instantly makes smut look classy!

BurningAngel Kelly Chaos
Burning Angel writes:

I can’t think of many things hotter than a really super beautiful sexy girl taking off her clothes while holding a knife. Kelly Chaos + weapons = a great Wednesday afternoon masturbation session! These photos give me hope that it’s gonna be a great Jewish new year =)

BurningAngel Kelly Chaos

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