BurningAngel: Lets POV with Kylee Kross

Inked hottie Kylee Kross shows off her oral skills in this POV set on Burning Angel. Some of the shots are a bit repetitive but I guess that is hard to avoid with this style of photo set. However it is really hot watching her get fucked and she plays to the camera well. She keeps those lovely eyes on the camera and makes some super sexy facial expressions. It really does give the impression that she is looking right at you. A bit more of a strip tease would be nice in this set since she kind of just randomly ends up nude. But with the oral, anal and a cum shot this set really isn’t missing much.

Burning Angel Lets POV with Kylee Kross
Burning Angel writes:

It’s Kylee mother-fucking-cross!!! Is there anything else to say? No, I don’t think so. IT’S MOTHER-FUCKIN’ KYLEE KROSS!!! Yeah. Kylee. We love you.

Burning Angel Lets POV with Kylee Kross

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