GothicSluts: Krysta Kaos and Royanna

Gothic Sluts brings us a playful twosome between Krysta Kaos and Royanna. I must say these two rat bags suit each other well! There’s a boho goth thing going on in the setting and I love, love, love their thigh highs. So Krysta and Royanna play around with some fun poses and giggles, which I like as it gives a genuine vibe. They have a bit of a muck around with some red rope and Krysta Kaos gets bendy in some shots, I admire that! This dream team will for sure perk up your spirits.

Blue Blood’s Gothic Sluts writes:

I’d like to introduce you all to Krysta Kaos and Royanna in this set shot by Brett Nelson.
–Amelia G

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