PaybackBaby: Community Site Upgrade Launched

Payback Baby just launched a new upgraded version of their social erotica site. The new version adds several fun features and improvements, including clearer user navigation, fancy new interactive options, member activity feeds on profiles, and more. I am happy to see better navigation to the photo and video updates. I do still have some trouble with the popup blocker interfering with the way they do their general PB Erotica section, but now I can go directly to the photo sets and videos with no problems. I have not tried out the new video chat options, but that section looks like it could be fun for members too. Payback Baby is a good community erotica site with some sexy cool and friendly members. It’s also still very inexpensive.

BloodAndNeedles from Payback Baby writes:

We gave PB! a little makeover and doing that we also got some now features. Some of them work perfectly now and some are still buggy. We are working of getting everything to work, ASAP, so don’t bother us with error reports and so on, we know it’s buggy 😉

The video chat in the instant messenger is working now. Just remember to click the little play button by your avatar in the chat window. If it still doesn’t work, check your flash settings to allow PB! to access your webcam.

An upload and record videos feature has been added. However, this is still buggy and doesn’t really work. I am sure it’s a minor problem, that just needs to be fixed, so the features will be kept here for testing purposes even though they do not work at the moment. This also goes for recording video comments.

Your profiles have been changed a bit. For one, a wall, much like the one on facebook has been added in addition to the old profile comments field. Furthermore, your have the ability to set a personal status – like on FB. You wall is visible from your profile and your status is posted on your wall. This is not Facebook, so we have not made the same effort to make the wall and status updates as visible as possible.

At the bottom, there’s a personal member menu with different easy access widgets to make your online presence easier.

In stead of being bombarded with notification mails from every forum topic, you’ve ever written in, there’s now a subscribe feature, so you only get notified on the topics you choose to follow. You still have the “my topics” option, where you can see activity in every topic, you’ve participated in, ever.

In the old days, we made forum topics for our new sets. Today, there’s the possibility to comment directly on the set posts in stead. So please do so 😉

Other that these, I believe that all features are already know by you all. Browse the menus and play around a little. Ask here, if you need help.

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