AlmostEvilGirls: Bubble Bath with Lacy Havok

We almost let hot little Lacy Havok‘s sixth Almost Evil Girls set get by us here at APN, but I’m glad I found it. This is an adorable and playful bubble bath series where Lacy peels off her fun retro Star Wars Darth Vader t-shirt and her sexy little black and pink panties and washed her sexy red hair in the bath. I really like her lush mouth and that tight lean little body is really nice to look at too.

Almost Evil Girls writes:

Lacy plays in a hot bubble bath. Don’t you just love these feisty red heads? I sure do- even if it’s dyed red! I think that just means they KNOW they’re naughty! Check out our latest Almost Evil Girls in some hot new set including behind the scenes, smoking fetish, balloons, shaving and more!

Lacy is the kind of girl you KNOW better than to bring home to your mom but you sure as hell can’t get enough of her yummy pussy or perky tits- it must behard being so hot…or does it just make YOU hard?

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