Payback Baby: Cobra the Naked Mechanic

Payback Baby recently posted a fun series of rock-a-billy cutie Cobra playing the part of naked mechanic in a dusty old garage slash tool shed. She strips out of her sexy animal print bra and thong to climb up on the muddy quad fully undressed. A really like the shots that start the set. She looks really tasty in that grease monkey outfit, even before any of it comes off. I like the fun environment and mechanically talented rock-a-billy girls are always a thrill.

Payback Baby writes:

Cobra says: Need for speed people! Even tough these bad boys are parked, I still love the idea of a powerful machine under my control. And I thought, what better setting than this to try out my little racing driver suit? All though it was dusty and dirty, I had great fun, and I hope you will enjoy it too!

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