Burning Angel: Draven Naked at the Bar

Burning Angel just dug up a hot series of sexy Goth babe Draven from their archives. It was shot before she had a lot of her familiar tattoo work, including the backs of her legs. She even commented on the sat, saying it was weird to look at without the ink. She looks great stripping out of her hot little panties in the Brooklyn rock-n-roll bar and she puts on a nice sexy show for the viewers. Draven makes this look like a good time out on the town and that’s the sort of work I really enjoy.

Burning Angel writes:

Draven! Here is a set of Draven from our Draven vault. This was taken so long ago…she didn’t even have the tattoos on the back of her legs. Whoooooa! Pretty crazy right. This was just the beginning of me crushing on Draven. Back then, I had a mini crush. Then a few years later it developed into a full-on crush. I mean, how could you NOT crush on a hot chick with black hair getting naked in a bar in Brooklyn?
girl: Draven photographer: Matt
pics: 93 type: Hardcore

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