GodsGirls: Eden Vs Demon Babies

I think the hardcore furry sex in this GodsGirls update may be simulated, but I don’t care because the Demon Baby who Eden is walking hand-in-hand with is so great. He is big and very very furry and has well-endowed horns and a hilarious big-tooth grimace. This is Eden’s 19th appearance on GodsGirls, but there was a break from fall of 2008 until this fall. From reading her journal on the site, this was because she has now been clean of cocaine for three months, but spent an extended time as an addict. Congrats to her on beating it, although the Demon Babies shoot makes me fantasize about hallucinogens. I don’t know what exactly a demon baby is, but I want one.

GodsGirls Eden Vs Demon Babies
GodsGirls writes:

This is one of those times where you’ll go from “awww..” to “ooooh!” in a matter of seconds.

GodsGirls Eden Vs Demon Babies

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