Burning Angel: Goth Sex with Asphyxia

Word is that Burning Angel is working on a Gothic sex themed video and if it features girls like Asphyxia having hot sex in extra eyeliner, we’re very interested to see it. Mick Blue could have put a little more effort into the whole Goth thing but if you look closely enough he did put a dab of guyliner on for the occasion. Asphyxia looks like a natural, fucking a man on camera for the first time. We already knew she was the most Gothic girl Burning Angel had, her name is Asphyxia after all, so it’s hot to see her fucking in something closer to her naturally dark habitat. I wish there were more than 53 pics in this set though. Burning Angel interactive photo sets are looking more and more like just enough pics to design the box cover and I really enjoy longer sets when it comes to sex scenes. I also wish people would remove distracting tags from sexy lace panties and a little black nail polish would have gone a long way, but Asphyxia does still look great in her dark makeup and pale skin against the midnight blue mood lighting.

Burning Angel writes:

You all know Asphyxia; that hot girl on BurningAngel who has only had sex with girls on camera? Well…she totally had sex with a dude – and not just any dude: Mick Blue! I know you will all be very excited about this. Mick Blue sure was excited, so he put on some eyeliner for the occasion. Well, here you are; it’s the darker side of Asphyxia you have never seen before!
girl: Asphyxia photographer: Kelly Lind pics: 53 type: Sex

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