Burning Angel: New Liquid Latex Soon

Burning Angel just announced that they are adding Liquid Latex to their extensive toy line this winter and since I’ve played with Liquid Latex before and know what it’s like to remove, I had to share this cute video Joanna Angel just posted in her blog. In the right hands, it can be a lot of fun and you can create some cool looks, but it is also very possible to just make a sticky mess that pulls off half your body hair in the removal process. Joanna and Misti Dawn were good sports for the product box cover shoot, but they really should have gotten better advice on easy removal before they got started. Watching the tattoos reappear as the bright latex peels away makes for an interesting effect and I admire Joanna‘s willingness to really get into the products branded with the Burning Angel name. She really does make them look fun.

Joanna Angel writes:

I am not gonna lie- it really hurts taking liquid latex off. Supposedly it is easier if you put baby oil on underneath it- but I did not know about that until AFTER the liquid latex was on my body, sans baby oil. Oh well. It was an adventure at least! My friend (who is also a male performer that maybe one day i will bang in the future on camera) Michael Vegas helped take it off. Kinda. It still hurt!
Taking it Off!

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