Payback Baby: Sexy Fliss Marks PPB 100th Set

Payback Baby recently celebrated their 100th photo series with a cozy set of sexy tattooed babe Fliss showing off her wonderful breasts and more. I love the tattoo bouquet effect when she pushes her huge soft white tits together and she has such a sexy sly smile. I can’t help but think about what a slippery hot mess I would make on those roses. Great job on growing the Payback Baby site. There is some truly hot and original work to be found there.

Payback Baby Sexy Fliss Marks PPB 100th Set
Payback Baby writes:

Today, we introduce our set no. 100!!! To mark this event, we have Fliss frolicking around in a colorful playroom like environment, showing off her delicious curves and sexy eyes! Having Fliss in our set no. 100 is an honor for us and of course we are ready to post 100s more sets for you guys with hot, sexy guys and gals!

Fliss says I love colour. I hardly ever wear anything other than black, but I like to be surrounded by colours…imagine my delight when I turn up at Josh’s studio to find some delicious boxes for me to to perch on, some lush cusions to snuggle into…heaven! I did notice a distinct lack of Green though…

Payback Baby Sexy Fliss Marks PPB 100th Set

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