NoFauxxx: Jiz Lee – Locker Room

Jiz Lee is smokin’ hot, no question about it. There is just something special about a chick who can radiate waves of badass butch and elfin flirt at the same time — she’s sorta toughguy-handsome and tomboy-cute in a way that fairly screams for Mick Ronson to fellate her guitar. But Jiz also delivers brand of irreverent aw-shucks goofiness from time to time to keep things from getting too deep into alt-queer-pervporn seriousness. This fun NoFauxxx set shot in the locker room of the local sex club has the bright colors and run-and-gun urbanity I love from NoFauxxx, and did I mention I have a thing for combat boots? The set was shot to announce the launch of Jiz‘s Karma Pervs, a project in which members get monthly exclusive photo sets and membership fees go to benefit community charities like the Stop AIDS Project. Awwww…sizzling hot and she has a heart, too!

NoFauxxx Jiz Lee Locker Room
Nofauxxx writes:

Pretty much my favorite person to photographer ever, Jiz Lee really used this free time in the Eros locker room to the advantage. Fitting into tiny places, emerging like a fallen angel, and flirting like a teenager. That’s Jiz for ya. In celebration of Jiz’s porn site launch for Karma Pervs, in which the proceeds go to designated charities every month.

NoFauxxx Jiz Lee Locker Room

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