FuckingMachines: Lylith Lavey Hit it baby, one more time

Coming across a gorgeous goddess with a double occult name like Lylith Lavey, I just had to do some research on her. She quotes Winston Churchill. Enough said there. She seems to come really hard from all the crazy gadgets they have at FuckingMachines. Like really hard. I wish FuckingMachines showed a bit more detail on her tattoos and subdermals because she has quite a few modifications, but I’m willing to settle for just intense orgasms this time.

FuckingMachines Lylith Lavey
Fucking Machines writes:

Lylith Lavey looks like Brittany Spear’s naughty little sister. Her deep brown eyes, tanned skinned, bleach blond locks and huge tits all frame her up as a look-a-like!

Lylith shows off her former gymnastic skills by stretching wide for the machines. She cums in a standing position while arching over The DominateHer and again in a modified spread eagle position.

Lylith has full body contorting, twitching, orgasms that leave her breathless and near confused as to how a machine could possible out do a human. Check out the end of scene 1 where she literally doesn’t know what to do or say post-O!
Performers: Lylith Lavey

Fucking Machines Lylith Lavey

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