BurningAngel: Asphyxia Lipstick Tee

I think I prefer Asphyxia‘s look when she is done up a bit more gothic, but Steve Prue’s photography is hot and I think the key to this BurningAngel update is showing off the new BurngingAngel lipstick tees. I love the way Asphyxia‘s lipstick perfectly matches the bright red on the tank top she is wearing. More importantly, please send me a shirt like that one, BurningAngel. You know the address. 😉

Burning Angel writes:

Asphyxia LOVES her new BurningAngel tank-top. She loves it so much, it makes her want to masturbate all over the place. After you do your own masturbating to Asphyxia – in her new BA tank – you should get your own BA tank. I would highly recommend it!
girl: Asphyxia photographer: Steve Prue pics: 70

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