Burning Angel: Hey There Tattooed Ladie

We have a lot of catching up to do with all the hot things BurningAngel has been doing lately, but I wanted to jump their hot little new girl Ladie up in the line. I’m not really sure how to pronounce her name, but I think she has a very sexy and interesting look. That tight little body is just too hot and I love that firm little ass. I wish this debut series was a little longer (51 pics from Kelly Lind) but it’s only because I can’t get enough of this new Burning Angel cutie. She even comes with instructions! The tattoo on her inner thigh tells us we should ‘Fuck It‘ as if that wasn’t obvious enough!

Burning Angel: Hey Ladie
Burning Angel writes:

Everyone- welcome Ladie to BurningAngel! She’s sexy, sassy and stylish – and has the most amazing story ever about surviving a terrible car accident. You should really ask her about it sometime! I know, you don’t exactly want to think about car accidents when you are looking at hot tattooed naked chicks but…seriously it is impressive. Lets give her our warmest welcome!
girl: Ladie photographer: Kelly Lind pics: 51

Burning Angel: Hey Ladie

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