PunkGrl: Sorry for the Downtime

We did notice some site loading issues with PunkGrl yesterday, so it’s good to hear they are temporary and I’m very excited to check out the new features that required the upgrades. Popular PunkGrls getting their own solo sites sounds like an interesting idea. I hope the PunkGrls that get their own sites dedicate the time and energy to really do it right. A lot goes into a site all about one hot girl. To make up for the load problems, PunkGrl says they are showing off hot alt pornstar Mai Bailey today. I really like her spooky rocker girl looks. I really need to plug into all this English AltPorn video though. They are making porn stars over there and I’ve seen way too little of their work over here.

PunkGrl: Sorry for the Downtime
PunkGrl writes:

You may have noticed over the past 24hrs that the site has been up and down like a bride’s nightie! Our sincere apologies as a server upgrade took a little longer than we first expected. The good news is that everything’s now running smoothly (touch wood!) and the reason for the upgrade is we’re adding alot of new stuff for you guys including new exclusive solo sites of some of our hottest PunkGrls. If there’s any PunkGrls you want to see on their own site let us know and we’ll make it happen!

Even though the server was taking a nap we certainly weren’t and to say sorry for the downtime we’ve just added a brand new and exclusive gallery of alt pornstar Mai Bailey – with a steamy HD movie coming later in the week!

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