NoFauxxx: Casey Grey – Gun Club

In another smokin’ hot update from NoFauxxx, pixieish Casey Grey looks like a sexy Bond hit woman from the ’60s — re-imagined for the tattooed Anime-fetish death-punk revolution. With what looks to be a very well-oiled .380 and a cigarette holder, a pair of shit-stomper boots and a sensuous dose of smoke seeping out from between perfect pierced pretty lips tinted to the perfect shade of Bleeding Raspberry, Casey leaves me captive to her red high heels, pale skin, perfect body and killer tats. And when she flashes that electric cupid-bow smile? Bathwater, friend: I drinks it. She looks so good naked (or mostly naked) that I almost forgot she starts out the set in a sizzlin’ sexy black and red dress, notable both for its presence and, later, its absence. I’d join Casey’s gun club any day.

NoFauxxx: Casey Grey - Gun Club
Nofauxxx writes:

The world is full of pretty girls. But pretty girls strapping on handguns and donning tough leather boots? Babes like Casey Grey are hard to find, and when we find her, it was love at first sight, all she had to do was pull the trigger!

NoFauxxx: Casey Grey - Gun Club

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