Stagg Street: Syd Blakovich

Syd Blakovich is ready for action in this series, naked with her combat boots and one black rubber glove. She’s like the anti Michael Jackson, butch female kinkster in this Stagg Street set. Ellen Stagg’s photo style is interesting because it’s almost like her shoot happens on the way to a real shoot. People are ready, styled, naked, but there is a candid behind the scenes quality to them. She sometimes says certain shots were behind the scenes in her blog styled tour, but I can’t always tell the difference. That adds a certain real feeling to her work, like you are just hanging out with hot models, instead of looking at perfect magazine images.

Stagg Street
Stagg Street writes:

And otherwise she is naked, besides the shit kicker boots. I love this shot of her and how quite it is. Many more to come.

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