Deviant Nation: Leila New Years Delight

Sexy member Leila helped our friends over at Deviant Nation ring in the new year with some excitement, and we’re sorry we missed the party. That looks like a hot time!

The good people over at Deviant Nation could use your help these days too. As a matter of fact a lot of your favorite sites are feeling the crunch. It seems that this terrible economy is starting to take it’s toll. A lot of sites are slowing down production as we all try to make ends meet in this difficult time. Consumer credit has been slashed, a lot of banks have closed good people’s credit accounts, real unemployment is very high, and cash flow is at a low. On January 2nd, DN Model Liaison Gwindylyn posted a message in the members forum stating that “DN is experiencing some rough times financially so we’re going to be cutting down on our number of weekly sets for awhile. If you want to help the site stay around, ask your friends to sign up, post myspace bulletins, pay for your complimentary account, twitter about us. Anything and everything will help. Thank you!” and the last set that posted to the site went up on January the 3rd, about 20 days ago.

We really like Deviant Nation and the sexy fun things they have shared with us over the years, so we would like to encourage you all to go give them your support. They deserve it. They also have very reasonable membership pricing.

Deviant Nation: Leila New Years Delight
Deviant Nation writes:

Leila helps us ring in another new year.
Photographer: Unknown

Deviant Nation: Leila New Years Delight

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