EroticBPM: Bella Vendetta Returns

It is winter winter winter where I go to school, so I am loving this EroticBPM set of Bella Vendetta. It just looks like a stormy night outside that window, but it is hot indoors where Bella Vendetta is stripping down in what almost looks like an abandoned classroom. The photography is by someone named Planet 313. Maybe this is an area code reference. Bella Vendetta has been working with EroticBPM for so long that her name was Bubbles in her first appearance on the site. Usually I get confused when girls change their names, but I love her Bella Vendetta name, so I think she just had to come up with the perfect one first. She is so sexy.

EroticBPM: Bella Vendetta Returns
Erotic BPM writes:

Bella Vendetta Returns
– by Mot
It has been a good 6 years since Bella Vendetta first appeared on this site, and now she is back with a very hot set!

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