Fleshbot: First Annual Fleshbot Awards

In case you’ve missed it, our friends over at Fleshbot recently held their first annual Fleshbot Awards in a stylish New York club called The Box, and from all Twitter reports it was an entertaining if a little bizarre night. Sasha Gray (not attending) shared crossover porn/mainstream honors with Levi Johnston (attending). Yes, the non son-in-law of the former governor of Alaska Sarah ‘Nailin’ Palin and future Playgirl pin-up was there to enjoy the smutty accolades along with the rest of the usual suspects. Sexiest advertising award went to American Apparel and sexiest TV Show went to True Blood, so make of all that what you will. Congratulations do go out to Joanna Angel who was there along with her sexy party girls and walked away with the Fan Choice Award for being this year’s Sexiest Female, although I’d hate to see what would happen if a site’s Supreme Commandress didn’t get a win. Here is a video. It’s almost like you got an invitation!

Fleshbot: First Annual Awards

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