AltPorn Genre Estimated Monthly Visitors Traffic Study November 2009 has gotten a lot of mail from people who miss our AltPorn Traffic and Rankings stories, so I’ve been invited back for another addition. This installment covers the QuantCast Estimated Monthly Visitors metrics. Quantcast has earned itself the reputation as being the most accurate traffic analysis tool available to the general public and is widely accepted as being far less gamable than other popular measures. QuantCast has changed their rankings reporting mechanism since my last traffic study installment and now only reports statistical numerical ranking measurements for sites that actually include their ‘Quantified’ measurement tool directly in their code. However, their Estimated Monthly Visitors statistics are still available for all. EMV is a good stat, as it gives a realistic feel for how many visitors a site is really getting in an average month, so that is what we will be using. We’ve tried to compile as complete a site list as we can, although we do exclude solo girls sites. If you have sites you feel should be included, please contact us and make your suggestions. For example, we debated the inclusion of Zivity, contact us if you have an opinion either way.

You will notice the addition of a few new AltPorn sites, some of which are doing phenomenally well, such as My Emo Bitch and Amateur Emo Girls. These sites reflect the recent popularity of ‘ex-girlfriend’ sites in online adult. They operate on the pretense that angry boyfriends upload embarrassing naked pictures of their former girlfriends for everybody to see. It’s depressing that this sub-genre is as popular as it is, but it goes to show that being popular doesn’t always mean being cool or good. These sites should still be included as they do reflect a realistic assessment of what people are looking at these days though. You may also notice APN has made a few adjustments to the AltPorn A-List. Inactive sites like RazorDolls are being removed. RazorDolls was a fun and sexy site, but it hasn’t updated in years. It was a good example of the AltPorn genre, but sending people there to join a dead site seemed wrong and/or unfair. We’ll hold out hope RD gets back on it’s feet, but for now it joins the ranks of ManicJane, FatalBeauty, SpicePlay, CityKittie, PornForPunks, and all the other dead AltPorn sites that once had interesting alternative content we’ve enjoyed.

These statistics are best evaluated as relative, rather than absolute. If you feel your favorite site gets more visitors, then consider that all sites measured probably get more visitors, as they are all measured with the same criteria. For example, judging by our own internal stats measures gets an average of 101,000 unique visitors a month, but QuantCast only counts 57,868, and we’re actually Quantified. Here are the AltPorn Estimated Visitors Rankings for mid November, 2009:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

AltPorn Genre Estimated Monthly Visitors Traffic Study November 2009

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