2010 NYC Sex Blogger Calendar Girls

We want to congratulate the 2010 NYC Sex Blogger Calendar Girls: Abiola Abrams, Audacia Ray, Calico, Desiree, Diva, Elizabeth Wood, Jamye Waxman, Lucy Vonne, Melissa Gira Grant, Mia Martina, Mina Meow, N, Nikol Hasler, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Sinclair Sexsmith, and Tess. We all enjoy reading an assorted number of your blogs. Thanks for sharing your insights and experiences with the world.

From the looks of the amount of Swag you girls already have rolling in for the big NYC release party on November 6th, you could outfit a small nation of sexed up literati. Not to take away anything from the genuinely brainy writers featured in this project, I do have to wonder sometimes if we’ve reached the point yet where calling nearly every female sex blogger an intellectual comes across about as condescending as calling an athlete articulate.

2010 NYC Sex Blogger Calender
NYC Sex Blogger Calendar writes:

The 2010 NYC Sex Blogger Calendar is unique in bringing together several of NYC’s writers, filmmakers and sex educators with twelve outstanding photographers and incorporating the participation of the larger sex-positive commUNITY to our efforts to support Sex Work Awareness. Last year’s calendar made the Speak Up! media training for sex workers possible and with our commUNITY’s continued support, who knows what we can accomplish this year!

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