PunkGrl: Welcomes Emo Teen Jess Jess

Sometimes I think they pull these subcultural terms out of a hat, but punk, emo, Goth, maybe it really doesn’t matter when you get to see hot new girls like Jess Jess naked. No matter what you call it, I love what this girl looks like. Getting to see a girl this hot splash around in the bath in full HD is just the treat I’ve been waiting for.

PunkGrl: Welcomes Emo Teen Jess Jess
PunkGrl writes:

Today we welcome a stunning new emo teen Jess Jess to PunkGrl. Jess Jess applied to become a PunkGrl via the ever popular Hopefuls section and it was fairly obvious almost right away how popular she was, we wanted to see alot more of Jess Jess so we offered her an official PunkGrl shoot as soon as we could.

Emo teen and brand new PunkGrl Jess Jess rocks a new and very sexy raven black hair as she gets wet and wild (and very naked!) in the bath. What’s more we’ve got the movie as well as the exclusive pics! Click here to check out the free trailer of emo teen Jess Jess with the full movie arriving on Friday 11th!

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