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One of our friends, and new participating members here, just wrote a really nice review of and some of our new features for the crushes section of the recently launched Payback Baby site. After writing so many reviews of what other people are doing in Alt, it was really nice to see what people think of what we are doing here! Our new features have been live for less than a week and we are still struggling with some of the transition, but we are all very happy to hear that our readers are enjoying the new social options. We have lots of plans in store too. (Now if we could just get our comments to work.) Payback Baby is a fun site and it already has some really cool people participating, so be sure to go check it out.

Claudia Starck of Payback Baby writes:

One word can summarize this site perfectly: delicious.

Albeit having had a few feature changes on, the site is brimming with delectable pictures, mouth-watering videos and a forum dedicated to intelligent discussions involving all-things alternative! This site is done with class and sophistication – showing an avid viewer everything from surreal kinky yumminess (ever see a girl stroke herself with a stuffed toy unicorn horn?) to lovely porcelain tattooed-beauties lounging in a tub. has something to rouse anyone’s hunger!

The site itself is very easy to navigate around and open to everyone. It could even qualify as being work-friendly, as the main page does not plaster the screen with zoomed in pictures of girly bits – it has a subtle essence to it, emphasizing the aforementioned class and sophistication. The News section provides updates and visual goodies already enticing the web-visitor. Each new post is listed in chronological order, very organized, but with an air of casual lightheartedness. Nothing about the site gives the feeling of being matter-of-fact, nor according to the law. Merely bringing together those who seek out erotica in an alternative sense, and can enjoy it and the intricate beauties therein with ease and comfort.

The way the Galleries and Pictures are set-up permits anyone to browse with leisure, making it much easier to focus in on that which exactly appeals to one’s tastes. Even a search-feature is provided in the Browse section, giving opportunity to custom-fit finds to tantalize! There is even a section for blogs if you feel yourself getting inspired on the literary side. Events are a prominent factor and encouraged, bringing together as a community as well as advertising things their site fans may find interesting. Members can even come in unison in regards to their hobbies and start “groups” (there are some dedicated to lesbians, others to gamers, etc.) to establish connections and build online friendships/acquaintances.

This review-writer investigated closer into acquiring membership – and the process is exquisitely simple! Within minutes you can have your own profile up and take part in the community, engaging fellow voyeurs of the same caliber.

The professionalism in the photographic content itself makes it well-worth a look. Erotica meets art would be a more apt way of putting it. The attention to detail is admirable and compelling at the same time. Things get even hotter when looking at the videos. These are no cheap, near-comical b-porn productions. You’re given intimate insight into the boudoir of steamy alternative people who are not shy to bare all!

This site is alive and rich with every kind of sublime erotica you can dream of, and Payback Baby is very glad to recommend for those who like to ravish their sensual desires.

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