EroticBPM: Sercnm Glitter

Sercnm has the cutest infectious smile. I love that Clix chose to shoot her graffiti style lower back tattoo in front of a graffiti wall, plus she has Hello Kitty ink. Her silver and gold outfit looks ready to dance the night away. Her bio says she likes music with names like jumpstyle and gabber. I have no idea what jumpstyle or gabber is, but dropping those terms makes me think she must be very hip. (It also makes me consider making up terms for types of music I like.) EroticBPM also has a behind the scenes video which is shaky and small but gives interesting insight into what a shoot is like and Sercnm’s smiling personality comes through adorable.

Eroticbpm Sexy Naked Raver Girls

EroticBPM writes:

This is Sercnm‘s first appearance on EroticBPM. She is a babe from Tempe, Arizona. She likes to be naked and look at naked people. When it comes to vices she says, smoking is “a habit but I’m in control” and “Yeah I drink, so what?!” And she says her preferred party music mix is hardcore, hardstyle, jumpstyle, and gabber.

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