BurntFilm: Smutty NY Alt Erotica

I found this creative hot little video site and I knew some of our readers would be interested. It doesn’t look very big yet, but the photography is well done and sexy. Plus, a lot of their girls will be familiar to you. Girls like Jessie Lee, Darenzia, and other NY alt models make their sexy appearances. I still can not get used to seeing Darenzia’s more mature sophisticated model look with her brown hair and big tits, but the photos of her do look hot and stylish regardless. The directors make playful fun of Jessie Lee wearing more clothes than the cops are used to seeing her in. The whole thing looks cool and entertaining and you can check it all out for only $9! They don’t even rebill you. See it before they raise the price.

BurntFilm: Smutty NY Erotica

BurntFilm: Smutty NY Erotica

BurntFilm writes:

BurntFilm makes smut.

Sometimes we shoot long 150 picture sets, sometime we try to get just a few really cool shots, sometimes we make shitty videos of the shoots. Sometimes we shoot only video. Whatever we feel like.

New York is full of different people, so the girls we shoot have all different vibes. We don’t shoot one “type”. Our content is teasing to fully nude photos and videos of hotties from around our way.

We charge 9 bucks to join our site for one month, no rebill.

Doug M. and Mister High

BurntFilm: Smutty NY Erotica

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