Home for Lost Boys: New Site with Alt Guys

Speaking of sexy alt-boys, several of our friends have contacted us about a new site that just launched called Home for Lost Boys. This new entry in the altporn genre was recently started by one of the girls from GeekGirlsOnline, along with several of her talented friends. They say they launched the site because they were tired of the dearth of cute alt-boys available for online viewing pleasure. Taking into account that we’re going to have to get a reviewer on board soon that actually gets off on hot naked alternative guys, in my opinion, the content here so far looks promising.

The rhetoric still leaves a little to be desired. In their site FAQ, for example, they answer the question:

Is this porn?
“We will never have explicit material on the site. Our models are not required to show full frontal, and nudity will always be tasteful and appropriate. Photographers and models have been blurring the line between art and porn for years, and we seek to further that movement.”

If they are trying to further blur the line, they should stay away from the absolute statements and implied value judgments. I don’t even know what some of that even means. Is hard cock more explicit than limp dick? It seems to imply that if they are always tasteful and appropriate and they are never explicit, one could conclude that they feel explicit isn’t tasteful and appropriate, which I do not agree with. Maybe an argument could be made that shirtless girls would be adult content a site could charge membership fees for, so maybe shirtless guys should be fair adult content to charge for too. But, for my money, I want to know I’m getting adult material worthy of at least a hard ‘R’ rating. I don’t see a single penis in their entire tour.

Despite their manifesto reading like an checklist of indie altporn site cliche’s, like notice that the site is “primarily run by women” as if that somehow makes any positive difference, I do think they have something people might enjoy, they just need more of it. They do get a bag full of bonus points for not telling us they are the ‘first’ of anything and I really do hear a lot about how hard it can be to fine sexy naked cool looking guys on the adult web. I just hope they get over their shy approach and commit to the fact that they have a paid membership site that should feature hot naked alternative guys. They need to jump in with both feet and go for it full on, because if they cling to the idea that their content may or may not get naked, depending on how they feel, etc. then Home for Lost Boys will fail.

I only hope that they understand that we really do want a good entry in the altporn marketplace that features nice photography (and video) showing stylish, attractive, fun, creative, cool guys, so this isn’t meant as pan of the site. It’s a new site and I hope that they think about some of this experienced advice and make the commitments and adjustments required for them to succeed. In the mean time, their introductory prices are not too bad, so check it out for yourself and let them know what you want to see in this sort of site.

Home for Lost Boys: New Site with Alt Guys

Home for Lost Boys writes:

Welcome to Lost Boys!

Home for Lost Boys began on one girl’s birthday with her quest to find pictures of pretty boys on the internet. She searched all over the web, from Google to DeviantArt to alt- and gay porn directories. She even dug through Japanese porn sites! But to no avail. She asked around and none of her friends knew of any sites either. She was even willing to pay to see pictures of pretty boys, but no one would take her money! So here the girl was, on her birthday, with no pictures of pretty boys to enjoy. Well, if no one else was doing it… why not make a site herself? And so, the Home for Lost Boys was born!

At Home for Lost Boys, we aim to bring you erotic, artistic, and playful photo sets of beautiful, alternative and unique boys. We are primarily run by women, and we welcome anyone who is looking for something more than the typical, boring guy! We want to bring together boys who aren’t your cookie-cutter mainstream types and carve a place for them on the internet.

We also strive to be an outlet for our models’ self-expression. We want them to be seen as real people with real personalities. We offer other content related to our models as well, and hope to foster a community where everyone has a space to feel safe and accepted.

We are kind of particular at Home for Lost Boys, so we hope you enjoy our models. We know we do. <3

Home for Lost Boys: New Site with Alt Guys

Home for Lost Boys: New Site with Alt Guys

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  1. Leila

    I’m not a fan of how they imply explicit material cannot be artistic but it is nice to finally see a site that features guys. Personally I’d like to see more that features male and female models equally but that probably isn’t as profitable.

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