Erotique Verite: Isolation

We’re very interested in the upcoming release of Isolation, the first title from Érotique Vérité, which is the recently announced creative partnership between BrokenDollz and Visual Chaos. Érotique Vérité translates roughly to erotic truth, or in less snobby terms, reality porn. The AltPorn genre has heard these terms before from video directors bent on art school cred, and they generally equate to loosely edited behind the scenes (BTS) footage masquerading as art porn. This style is usually simultaneously tedious and poignant, but offers a refreshing break from the self consciously dehumanized productions expected from more traditional porno studios. Now touch my monkey. Touch him!

The promotional site for Érotique Vérité is eye-rollingly amusingly choc full of art porn history name dropping, but still manages to pique our interest in the project none the less. Although, if I see one more altporn production company state that it’s manifesto is along the lines of being a fresh alternative to the ‘homogenized, bleach blonde, cookie cutter, porn that has permeated 98% of the adult film industry…” I’m going to have all my tattoos lasered off. It’s not the early 90’s anymore. Porn is amazingly diverse, if not very often ‘alternative’. There is still plenty of room for creativity, but the mythical days when cookie cutter blondes allegedly ruled 98% of the industry and all porn looked the same are long over. Define yourself with your own product, not promised opposition to faceless straw women foes.

Isolation features some of our favorite BrokenDollz, namely Arson, Lily, Revay, and Violet, and the Pulp Fiction style promo production looks interesting enough to hook me in, so I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for this one in the mailbox so we can tell you all about it.

BrokenDollz Erotique Verite

Erotique Verite writes:

Isolation is the first feature motion picture to be created under Broken Dollz brand new production arm – Érotique Vérité. E.V. is erotic truth, pure and simple. It is a rally against the homogenized, bleach blonde, cookie cutter “porn” that has permeated 98% of the adult film industry.

E.V. is on the vanguard of a new era in adult cinema; one that combines artistry with eroticism and intellect with a visceral edge. Adopting the aesthetic principals of Cinema Vérité and merging them with the glorious excess that defined classic, 70’s, theatrically released erotic films, E.V. will carve a new path through the adult video industry.

“Isolation” is a post-modern erotic fable that explores the seclusion of self and the evolution of sexuality in the hyper-technological morass of the 21st century. In this bleak, Orwellian landscape, we follow the exploits of four uniquely seductive women, whose paths are inextricably intertwined.

In their first cinematic endeavor, E.V. will take you on a bizarre odyssey that explores the isolation of the electronic age and immerses the viewer in the pleasures of flesh.

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